As an interior designer people often ask me for tips to style their homes. Styling really is a whole other subject for me then designing. Obviously you take a certain vibe and style into account when designing for a room/home but the details are often specified later. In my case that is.

Here some Styling 101  to get you started.

1) dont scatter everything around the house/room and put little stuff all over the pace. This tends to look messy.  Create a couple of places around the room where you group little plants, photographs etc., stylingspots if you like. You can use your dining table, a cabinet, stool, bookshelves and other places to crate these little stylingspots.

2) You can use the same color or color scheme for all your styling items. This way you can get more "extreme" in the design of the items without it going "all over the place" and you create a very serene look. For a bit more funk you can choose 1 or more items in a contrasting color, so they really stand out or go all the way with color. Whatever you do make sure you vary in lengths and size of the items to make it an interesting collection to look at. 

styling by karin meyn

3)  When it comes to frames: places your posters and artwork in frames on a drawer, cabinet, or even against a wall. Place them slightly one over the other, or hang them on the wall. Here you can go neat and go for a "frame-like" style or just put them randomly as you see fit. Framed or with masking tape. When you use frames there are endless varieties to choose from. You can stick to 1 kind of frame and color. But you can also use different sizes and types of frames and paint them in the same color. Or just go all the way with different frames and sizes and colors. Whatever rocks your boat and makes the look complement the rest of the home.

photography and styling by mydeer.

Styling is all about putting the dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Do what feels right for you, what makes that you feel at home and what complements the room.  Go for it!

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