I love designing for all sorts of people, young, old, but especially for kids. There are so many cool kids accesories on the market nowadays that litterally everyroom can be transformed into cool little places. It is a great excuse to buy all sorts of pretty stuff you wouldnt buy for yourself. But hey it's for your kids so than it's ok. ;)

I wanted a black and white room for both my kids. With hints of dark blue and army green for him and mint and pink for her, but they both argued with me when I suggested it, so I didn't.
They apparently dont understand black and white doesn't have to be boring and want rooms with a) all Ninjago / Skylander posters (over my dead body!) or b) all colors of the rainbow, with highlights in gold and fuschia pink (which is a color I really dislike). I will just have to wait until I can make another little kid happy with a black & white themed room ;).

Black and white can be a very versatile and subtle way to style a kids room. You can add a little pastel color to soften it up a bit or a dash a bright color like yellow or red to give a cool and playfull vibe.

Miniwilla has really nice posters for kidsrooms and a lot in black&white. I love the funny and a bit awkward doll cushions by lucky boy sunday. 
Ferm Living also has some cool black&white stuff like wallpaper and cushions.

pic credits for liveloudgirl, eeflillemor, smallable and uberkid
Some really great and inspiring blogs and websites with lots and lots of kids inspiration.

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