Last week I did the presentation for a family home in Amersfoort. The home is currently being renovated and the family will move in end of June, if all goes as planned. They asked me to help them with the layout of the room, a color scheme, playbook for the kids, window treatment and some furniture that needed to be replaced.

They wanted a cosy, warm but natural vibe in the house, with a space for their young kids (1 and 3 ) to play as well and lots of natural light. Not to much color but quit natural. They already choose and light oak looking floor, made a large extension to the back of the house with high doors/windows and made spots in the ceiling.

Not to loose this hight and light I opted for wavy linnen curtains in a misty grey color in the back of the house. Just sublime if you ask me. This way you keep comfortable and protected without people being able to look in but you don't have heavy and to formal sort of curtains. IN the front of the house we wil place wooden blinds to filter the light and to keep clear of peeping Toms ;).

My clients assumed the spots would be sufficient as a lighting source, but I convinced them to add some other lighting as well. You really do need different sorts of lighting from different sorts of angles to make it feel comfortable and pleasant, otherwise the light can become unpleasant and just functional. See an earlier post on lighting here.

Ofcourse we could not do with a couple of my favourite pieces! The Woods wallpaper from Cole&Son, the Dunbar sofa from Fest Amsterdam, the Milk lamp from &Tradition and cushions from both Ferm Living and By Molle. (see here and here)

After the presentation they were so enthusiastic about the plans that they will be implementing them during the next couple of weeks.

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