Although Sinterklaas (Dutch version of Santa Claus) has just set foot on Dutch soil last Saterday, I can't help but think of nothing else then getting my house in the Christmas spirit... Due to my 2 kids (3 and 4), who belief in Sinterklaas, I cannot start yet but have to wait until the Holy man will leave on his boat to Spain in the night of December 5th. Not a big problem, because I love Sinterklaas as well, but nothing beats a home in full Christmas mode.

One thing I have already decided on is that we will do without the traditional Christmas tree and go for something more modern. I will definitely use my white pompons again for decoration, and go for lots of white. What I cannot decide on is if I will go all the way with mad color and gold trimming (my house is all white so that will provide a beautiful canvas for all the color to really pop out) or if I will keep it more clean and 'Scandinavian' with whites, black, greys and woods....


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