I love the CYB posts of some of the blogs I follow. Zilverblauw and Metmelkensuiker are two of the blogs with a weekly CYB post. I have been writing down my own CYB in a little journal by my bed for the past year now and what better way to start sharing this on my new blog on a weekly basis from now on. It helps me focus on small and meaningful things in a period that has been (and still is) quite hectic for my family the past months.

Most of my blessings I 'get' from seeing my children. It is so fundamental and at the same time it is almost comforting.

* My son ended up at the doctorspost of the hospital twice (!) this weekend with two minor injuries. He was so tough with his 4 years, I nearly broke down in tears, looking at him not uttering a sound at the doctors while in pain (tooth through his underlip) and discomfort (piece of Playmobil stuck in his nose).
* My little girl in her jeans and boots racing her brother on her scooter one moment and the next she's in a dress with hairband and a little bag around her arm dancing with a microphone in her hand.
* Watching the movie "Intouchables" with my love; a laugh and a tear.
* Drinking coffee at my favourite coffee place
* A nice long and cold walk with my love and kids through the woods and over the heather.


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