This weekend we made some great progress with our boy his room. I hope to show you pictures of the finished 'product' in a few weeks. The thriftwood of the desk turned out to crooked for the desk we made, so we need to start over with that one...

I was busy decorating the house and was so inspired by the christmas baubles shown in my earlier post, that I decided to make them myself.
It took me some time to find big white baubles and still I couldn't find the ones I wanted (mat and white), but they will have to do. I am quite happy with the results although I could practice with having a bit more of a steady hand ;).

Last week we also hung some new lighting above our piano. Black cord and fitting and a beautiful copperthread-lamp, 2 of them, to give that bar feel and to add a bit of warmth during the winter months to come. 


Elv's said...

Ziet er prachtig uit zeg bij jullie Katja... super gezellig!!!! Ben ook benieuwd naar de zoon's kamer dus kom maar op met de foto's ;-) fijne dag morgen!

Stephanie Koster said...

Ziet er gezellig uit bij je! de witte vaasjes op de onderste foto vind ik zooooo leuk #wanted ♡
Fijne Kerst!