I looked forward to going to the Woonbeurs by myself this week and to take the time I wanted and needed to enjoy and look around at all the great stuff and creative houses the fair had and stil has to offer.

The first stand I encountered was the stand of Koeka. I have been a Koeka fan for a couple of years now, from just before both my kids were born 5,5 years ago. They both had Koeka blankets in their cribs, wore Koeka pj's and beachshorts, we used their towels, their bibs, changing pads, etc etc. The beautiful waffle fabric, that is so characteristic for their brand, with super soft cotton/flannel or teddy on the inside is just the perfect fabric for a precious new born baby. They make use of the most beautiful greyed and soft colors, teamed up with crisp whites it just doens't get any better in my eyes.

So you can imagine how exited I was when I found out Koeka was launching a line for the home, next to their baby and childrenswear and bedding, and was happy to see them on the Woonbeurs with a lovely stand filled with gorgeous cushions, plaids and towels in again perfect colors. As of the beginning of 2014 they will also offer a great collection of bedding and bath textiles! I am again/still a huge fan and will for sure add some of their products to my home to comfortably ease through  the upcoming winterseason.

Judge for yourself.

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Mooi hoor!