The past 3 weeks have not been the best for me, health wise. I have not been feeling great, due to stomach flu and now the regular flu. But on the other hand I accomplished my first ever run (the dam tot dam loop), in quit a good time considering my stomach flu, and I felt so proud!!

I also decided these past weeks to persue my dream of focussing more on my interior design business and blogging and stop with my other career, which I didnt enjoy as much the past year as I used to. But it was not an easy decision to make, especially in these economic unsure times, and I was constantly torn between ratio and emotion. Finally I made the decision to quit my other career.
I choose happy!


Lynda said...

Stoer! Ik wens je succes en héél veel happy!

Casa&co. said...

You go girl! Uit eigen ervaring weet ik dat je er geen spijt van gaat krijgen. Succes!