Ok it's maybe not the time yet to scout for your next summer holiday destination but to me the 'little' trips in between are just as much if not more fun and quality-wise so good to recharge your battery. But the difficulty is often finding something suitable for a family with 2 small childeren that doesnt cost a small fortune to start with or leave you ending up with two ajointed rooms in a hotel, but still has everything you need.
Via this post of my scandinavian home from yesterday I ended up on the site of kid and coe. What a great site with some great and cool apartments around the globe to visit with kids! This year I have short 2 trips plannend with the man, no kids allowed ;). Same goes for my business trip to Milan next year April, to visit the Salone. But maybe I'll spot just the perfect apartment and book a trip with the kids sooner than anticipated.

Here some of the cool apartments for rent

High Gate Hill Residence London
Baker Street Residence London
The N. 3rd Street Residence New York                                                   

The Hobbacott Lane Residence Cornwall
I like them all for different reasons. But if I had to choose... It would be the 3rd apartment. Why? Because IT IS NEW YORK BABY! and it is a loft and has a openstructured brick wall.

What would be your apartment of choice?

xoxo K.


Stephanie said...

Die gele bank <3 Wat een prachtige appartementen!

Femke Dekker - ter Meulen said...

Wat een goede tip!