Last week the kids had a week of from school. We enjoyed some time outside, in the woods picking acorns and chestnuts, but for the most time the kids wanted to stay in and do some crafting and pick their own colorpage from websites, so they could run up the stairs to our printer to pick it up... :). They are also still colouring on our Paris OMY poster.
Wednesday I drove my kids to my parents where they stayed for 4 full days! My man and I enjoyed some nice wine and food in Laren at winebar Otje and the next day we drove of to Maastricht for some more food, shopping and relaxing in our hotel, just across the border in Belgium.
It was a great week! A week with yet again a new assignment for Mint & Mocha Interiors (yeah!), but also time with my man, seeing my kids after 4 ful days, having a meal with the 4 of us and my parents, and lots of great wine, food and huge piles of chocolate.

How did you spend your week (off)?

soy caramel cappuccino at Coffee Lovers Selexys Maastricht

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Stephanie said...

Hee dat klinkt goed! Hoe vond je Maastricht?