This morning I had to go to the office to do some work before I could start my Christmas days. I went home early, only to find my oldest sitting in his room behind the iPad and my youngest vast asleep on the couch under a (not so stylish, hence the Pia Wallen cross blanket is really needed here!) fleece blanket. My husband jumped in the car as soon as I set foot in the door to get our last minute groceries and wine for our Christmas celebration.
As we are currently both in an assignment and both have to work between Christmas and New year, we decided to stay home, just the 4 of us and not "do" the obligatory traveling between parents. Instead we will have, a relaxed breakfast in our pjs, walk in the woods, go running with my oldest biking next to me, play games, drink hot choco and then wine with cheese and have our fireplace lit all day.  Perfect relaxing time in between a couple of working days. I hope you all can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. I wish you all Happy Holidays!


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Stephanie said...

Dat klinkt reuzegezellig!! Veel plezier en fijne feestdagen!