I always start my day with a green juice and a soy or almond latte. Ingredients of the green juice may vary but it is always a green one.
This one is with spinach, romaine, cucumber, mint, pineapple, lemon and lime.

Soy latte with skinny quark and homemade granola with nuts.

Every day for lunch I make a salad at home. I either eat it there when working from home or take it with me to the store. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to prep. Loads of vegetables, protein and always some healthy fatties. Either avocado, seeds and nuts, salmon or and egg. Just throw in whatever you like and whats in your fridge. I always make sure my fridge is filed so I have options to vary throughout the week.

Dinner is usually lots of vegetables again with either meet, fish or poultry but we often eat vegetarian as well. A least twice a week.
Yesterdays we ate this great summery salad filled with cantaloupe, strawberries, good quality buffalo mozzarella, parmaham and garlic chili shrimp. Lots of color on a plate makes me happy. I am a designer after all ;). 

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