Mint interiors is doing great and is getting a lot of requests for interior projects (yeah!), I will be looking for an intern/junior designer within the next few weeks to reinformce the team.
The blog has been neglected (oops) due to busy and hectic times at home and with work but will from now on get more attention. I will again start writing in Enlgish as I started out with as I feel I can express better that way and can relate to a wider audience which corresponds better with Instagram as well ;).

As a huge fan of the magazine LivingEtc, this motnh I came across Marie Olsson Nylander who works with the Harvest Agency in Malmo, Sweden. And the Swedish know whats cool! I was instantly drawn to her style. Grungy, industrial and yet very light. Combines the new with the old, sleek textures with richer ones and no bright colors. Exactly the style I noticed I start to really embrace lately. And nothing to polished...

Her home featured in LivingEtc, dont you just love it!

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