I am slowly getting into the holiday spirit as we will be going on our skitrip this month and this is one of my favourite holidays! I just love, love love the mountains and the whole atmosphere of a winter/skitrip. It is all about being outside in nature, fresh clean air, famly and skiing.
We will be going to one of our favourite hotels and I am soooo much looking forward to it that I can hardly wait to go. The hotel we are off to is similar to the style of this gorgeous chalet. Not exactly my style when I am at home but I just love this 'chalet style' when I am in the mountains (I even love it during summer!). Woodcovered walls and floors, sturdy furniture, rich thick fabric on the cushions, thick fluffy covers on the beds, a fireplace and a great balcony where you can enjoy the sun. Thats my little place of heaven in winter.

This chalet can be found in Verbier, a luxury skiresort in Switserland, and can fit 10-12 people. It has 5 bedrooms, a large living, a mezzanine with lounge for watching tv and playing on the nintendo, a turkisch hammam, sauna and jacuzzi, and how cool is the double bunkbed for the kids!!


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