Everyone ready for a new an exciting year. I sure am! I hope to be doing lots of decorating projects, lots of inspirng blogs both here and on Showhome, workshops and I have some other cool stuff I am busy with. I feel powerful, energized and excited! New possibilities lie ahead and I am finally doing what gives me enery and makes me happy.

I want to make a few changes on the blog and am working really hard on that. My new website for Mint Interior Design is being made, my new logo has been approved, businesscards are being made and I hope to reveal the new and improved blog and my website shortly.

I tried to make a 'bucketlist' for 2014, but that was not so easy. A few things though: make a long trip with my family (this box can almost be ticked already!), make a parachute jump (sooooo scary but need to do this!), revisit Copenhagen (this time with man and kids), be more spontaneous and try to plan less, start up another business, dont doubt myself so much....
What is your bucketlist for 2014?

Love, Katja

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