I really love autumn! The colder days, clear skies with sun, the leaves falling and their beautiful red and yellow colors of the leaves. Picking acorns with the kids, wandering in the woods in our winter coats with our boots and afterwards warming ourselves with a cup of hot cocoa, with whipped cream!
Go to bed early because its dark, spend a lot of time in the house, put my summerclothes in the attic and unpacking my winterclothes.  Wear chuncky vests, lined sneakers and boots. Drink tuns of tea during the day to stay warm, eat 'stampotten' and the list goes on and on.

What I dont like though, is the rain... and November usually means a lot of rain. So far it has done it's name right :(.  Murphy's Law dictates that it always rains when/during:
1) you are about to bring the kids to school or pick them up.
2) you walk to your car with 2 heavy grocery bags so you have no extra space for an umbrella
3) the weekends
4) November 8th, my birthday
5) you need to be on time. And Dutchies and rain dont go together in traffic. Huh? Yeah really; you think we should be used to it after years and years of rain and that it is nothing special. But when it comes to the average driver here, it apparently is and it will take you at least twice as long to get somewhere...

But still, I LOVE autum and I am clad you are here! This year I will celebrate you, and will even try to enjoy the rain you bring. But dont test us to much, we could get angry!

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