After a welldeserved break of 3 weeks I started work again last Monday.
During the holidays we enjoyed a lot of the sun here in the Netherlands and later on the Andalusian sun in the South of Spain. We ate icecream, drank cafe con leches, had lenghty lunches on the beach with loads of fried babysquid, bbqed sardines and cold beer.  Later in the day we ate cheese, olives, cured meats and drank cooled red wine in front of our familyhome or went to the local fish restaurant for some fresh fish. We spent time at the beach, swam in the pool and finally I had time to rad 3 books! But most of all... we did nothing we did not feel like doing and I loved it!!

But now it's back to normal life and work. After not minding a lot on what I ate and drank I am also happy (not minding the weighing session the Saterday we returned) to be back in a more structured regime. This makes eating healthy a lot easier for me. Inspiration for this I find in my bible "It's all good" from Gwyneth Paltrow or on her blog goop.com. Also on the blog of lovely Ellen, who is practically my neighbour as we live in the same village, but now our kids both go to different schools we dont run into eachother anymore. She blogs on madebyellen, with fun and often healthy recipies for the whole family.

A couple of my favourites:

Thaistyle chicken burger served with some simple greens
Beet Avocado salad with a mustard vinaigrette served with homemade lambsburgers.

picture 1 and 2 are my own, 3 from goop.com, 4 pinterest


Stephanie said...

Je vakantie klinkt goed! Maar deze recepten ook :)

Cindy D said...

Heerlijk zo'n vakantie waarin niets moet, alleen heerlijk eten en genieten!