I was just sucked into the pages of this month Eigen Huis & Interieur. The theme was Brasil and  everything with this theme has my immediate attention. Like a couple of month when EH&I featured the great Brasilian architect Oscar Niemeijer, who designed and built Brasilia, Brasils capitol.
The house designed by StudioMK27, Marcio Kogan, in this month number was just so beautifull, I kept on staring and staring and staring. It felt so utterly right to me. The design, the architecture, the inside of the house seamlessly flowing into the outside of the house, etc etc.
It might have something to do with the fact that in my childhood years I grew up in Brasil and instantly recognized a 'vibe' and felt sort of 'at home'.
I just had to see more work of Marcio Kogan and visited his website, StudoMK27, and just ab-so-lu-te-ly fell in love with his projects! They make me want to go back and let Marcio design my familyhome or move straight into one on his website, like this beauty right at the beaches of Paraty.
Could someone please bring me my Caipirinha!

Photography by the talented Nelson Kon (thank you for your help with this post).

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Stephanie said...

Doe er voor mij ook maar een :) Prachtige foto's!