I wanted to make a post of my third trip to the Conservatorium Hotel before my holidays but really could not find the time to do it. The reason I didnt make a post before was that I did not have my camera and didn't take pictures.
Our plan was to first go to the 'new' Rijksmuseum and then go for a drink in the Conservatorium Hotel afterwards to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary. But the queue at the Rijks was so huge (not a great succes and especially not with two small kids), that we decided to skip the Rijks for now and just go for a coffee in the Conservatorium.

What a great hotel this is! I just love the grandeur of the lobby; the height of the ceiling, the designer classics, the sound of people talking, eating and having fun. It is just a great place to have a look at and be in awe, to drink a cup of tea in the lobby on one of the designer chairs or sofa's or to have a bite to eat. Look at the great chandelier made up of violins! The hotel also has a bar with a great vibe, cosy and dark, but quit small to my liking. Therefore I prefer the lobby; more to see and more spacious. Just how I like it!

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