Long overdue, but I just have been so all over the place lately that my mind was just not with blogging. It was, in the way I felt I needed to blog, but I just didn't have the inspiration.
My mind was just to preocupied with work, my interior design course, my oldest' birthday, our 6th year anniverdary and so on. No excuse not to blog but sometimes you just feel your priorities are elsewhere.
The coming two weeks my oldest school is closed and we are going away for a well deserved couple of days.  I am looking forward to some quality time with my sweeties, reading my interior design magazines, fresh mountain air, walking and just realx a bit.
This afternoon we will start with visiting the Rijksmuseum that recently reopend it's doors after being under severe construction the past years. I look forward to taking my kids there and initiating them into the rich culture with the museum. And Tuesday is our world renowned Queensday, which we do not want to miss as our queen has her abdication this year and her oldest son, Willem Alexander, will become our King and Maxima our Queen. We will be following all closely on television but also will enjoy some of the 'freemarkets' where kids (and their parents) sell old toys, books, clothes etc. My kids will get some pocketmoney to buy some little treasures they come across.

Happy Queensday to all!


molly said...

Liebe Katja,

wir sind auch dabei - Oranje - was sonst.
Ich freu´ mich schon riesig. Das werden tolle Tage.
Lovely hugs

Anneke said...
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Anneke said...

Geniet van een heerlijke Kroningsdag!
En met die inspiratie komt het vast wel goed!