Last weekend we drove to Amsterdam to go dining chair hunting. My moodboard on Pinterest is pretty clear on what I want, but as I do have a partner he also has a say (although a smaller one then I do for obvious reasons ;)) in what kind of chair he fancies.
I have been researching and assembling pictures on my ideal chair for quit some time. It needs to be light (both in color as well as in not to massive), versatile, modern yet timeless. My man agrees, but, now comes the tricky part, at the same time he expects the chair to have the comfort of a lounge chair. You see our little problem here? Style vs lounge comfort.
We went to The Frozen Fountain as they do have 'my' DSW Eames chair, with wooden legs and my man wanted to 'test sit', before deciding on the chairs. Good point.  I think 'my' chairs are comfortable and could easily get you through a rainy afternoon crafting with your kids on the dining table or a dinner with friends. But after a brief encounter with the DSW last Saturday my man doesnt (yet) agree here and we are going to 'test sit' during a dinner, soon... I hope this changes his mind as I already have visuals of my DSW Eames' in our home.


laura v b on pinterest




Margreet de Vries said...

Deze Eames zijn zo gaaf! Zo herkenbaar jouw verhaal ;) Suc6!!!

Elv's said...

hihihihi... heel herkenbaar dit verhaal... gelukkig komt het meestal wel goed toch ;-) prachtige stoelen zijn het!

Gosto design lifestyle said...

Wij hebben ze ook. Ideaal met kinderen. Wil nog 2 in zwart met houten onderstel.

Cindy Deuning said...

Wij hebben de DAW versie van de Eames stoel, omdat ik ook lekker wil zitten bij het natafelen. Met een kussentje erin zitten ze heerlijk, maar vind deze met de houten poten eigenlijk wel veel mooier.

Stephanie said...

PRACHTIG! Ik zou zeggen: kopen :)