After being ill for over 4 days today I finally feel better and I couldn't wait to browse the web again for some great ideas and inspiration after stairing at my ceiling the last couple of days. Quickly I bumped into these new cool furniture pieces of Fredericia, a Danish furniture manufacturer since 1911 with designers like Børge MogesenHans J. WegnerSpace Copenhagen and Susanne Grønlund on their portfolio. They recently (December 2012) opened a new shop in Copenhagen (shown on the last 4 pics).
As my last trip to this design hub has been almost 3 years ago I feel its time to go back shortly.


Anneke said...

Wat een gave post! Kopenhagen mag weer op mijn to visit lijstje!
Beterschap en fijn weekend!

Elv's said...

Wat een ontzettend mooie styling is dit toch... ik ben echt helemaal weg van het poederroze... zo mooi!!! fijne zondag ;-)

Kamiel Odille said...

Zo mooi!