When I was 4 I had the most amazing bed, build by my dad and a friend. Via a small stair I steped onto a table and via another taller stair I ended onto my very high bed. At the end of my bed my dad made a wooden house with a round window for me to play in and have an overview of my room! The table underneath my bed, was great for doing crafts or to play on or underneath with my toys. So this is something I really want for my kids as well, to have their own dreamspace. Here some cool kidsspaces with a something little extra.

Skona Hem

Kids room in Paris
via handmade charlotte

via handmadecharlotte

And an extra little kicker if you have a stair in your house.

How cool is this!?
via 101woonideeen


Stephanie said...

Ooh daar wil je zelf toch slapen!

Femke Dekker - ter Meulen said...

Ik vind vooral de autobandschommel geweldig!!